Test & Technology Standards

Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Standards/Test Methods

Each of the standards listed below can be obtained by going to the Canadian General Standards Board website and entering the desired CGSB number designation.

CGSB 3.0 Number 14.3-99 Amd. 1 (2004)
Identification of Hydrocarbon Components in Automotive Gasoline Using Gas Chromatography

CGSB 3.0 Number 140.1-2005
Low Temperature Flow Test (LTFT) for Diesel Fuels

CGSB 3.0 Number 15.0-2004 Amd. 1
Determination of Aromatic Hydrocarbons by their RIng Number in Petroleum Middle DIstillates by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

CGSB 3.0 Number 16.0-2004
Sulfur in Diesel Fuel and Similar Middle Distillates by Energy Dispersive X-Ray Flourescence Spectrometry (EDXRF)

CGSB 3.0 Number 18.5-2006
Test for Ethyl Mercaptan Odourant in Propane, Field Method

CGSB 3.0 Number 19.5-2004
Determination of Lead in Automotive Gasoline (Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy)

CGSB 3.0 Number 20.9-2005
DCGSB Cetane Index of Diesel Fuels

CGSB 3.0 Number 28.8-2007
Visual Haze Rating of Distillate Fuels

CGSB 3.1000-2007
Standard for Vapour Control Systems in Gasoline Distribution Networks