Test & Technology Standards

Coordinating European Council (CEC) Test Methods

Each of the standards listed below can be obtained by going to the Coordinating European Council (CEC) website and entering the desired CEC number designation.

CEC F-05-A-93, Iss 9:2007
Inlet Valve Cleanliness in the MB M102E Engine

CEC F-06-A-96, Iss 3.2:2007
Measurement of Diesel Fuel Lubricity (HFRR Fuel Lubricity Tester)

CEC F-16-T-96, Iss 4:2007
Assessment of the Inlet Valve Sticking Tendency of Gasoline Fuels (VW Waterboxer Gasoline Engine)

CEC F-20-98, Iss 7.1:2007
Deposit Forming Tendency on Intake Vlaves and in Combustion CHambers of Gasoline Engines (MB 111 engine)

CEC F-23-01, Iss 18.1:2007
Procedure for Diesel Engine Injector Nozzle Coking Test (PSA XUD9A/L 1.9 Litre 4 Cylinder Indirect Injection Diesel Engine)

CEC F-98-08: 2008
Injector Fouling in Direct Injection Diesel Engines (DW-10)

CEC M-32-03:2004
Diesel Fuel Lubricity Test in a Distributor Type Injection Pump

CEC P-017-97, Iss 10:2006
Reference Fuels Manual